Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cross Fit Equipment

CrossFit combines all sorts of complex, full-body, movements (running, weightlifting, climbing, pulling, pushing, rowing and whatever you can think of) in different ways. Each workout is different. One day you're sprinting and doing pushups until you aren't sure whether your lungs or arms will give out first. The next you're hitting a target with a medicine ball the next with a r├ęsistancy band and then trying to climb a rope. By exercising this way, you'll be prepared to meet all sorts of daily challenges; Cross fit builds a healthy body as well as a mentally strong mind.

Kettlebells: Try to find kettlebells that have no moving parts or seams in the handle (which can cause blisters). In CrossFit workouts, kettlebell weights are often prescribed in terms of a "pood." To save you a headache, a pood is equal to 36 pounds. The most common weights in CrossFit are 36, 54, and 72 pounds. If you are a beginner, you might want to start lighter, then add to your collection as you advance.

 Dumbbells: Just like the bumper plates, you're better off going with the rubber "hex" dumbbells. Iron is the next best choice. Use removable dumbbell plates as a last resort, since the collars are notoriously prone to sliding off.

 Medicine ball: You'll be throwing and catching these things, so go with a soft surface. Men generally use 20 pounds, women use 14. Alternatively, you can fill a basketball with sand, and cover the outside with grippy tape.

 Squat rack or cage: Cages are nice, but they're expensive and take up a lot of space. Plus, they're often too small to do Olympic lifts inside - especially anything overhead. I would go with some simple stands to hold my bar.

Crossfit Apparel

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cross Fit Workouts

Cross fit workouts are workouts that put together strength, stamina, agility, flexibility, power, speed and balance. It is a kind of training where you combine heavy workouts with just being fit workouts.

This is what the military are using to make them strong and fit. Fitness trainers also choose to have this training instead of any program out there since this is proven true a lot of times by a lot of individuals.

Men and women who wanted to have a strong and fit body prefer to use it since it will make you work your whole body and not just a part of it.

Cross Fit is a conditioning and strength program that involves training yourself to become equal parts distance athlete, weightlifter, sprinter, and gymnast, all at the same time

Running or Sprinting

 Sprinting can also be known as running. Since we are referring to CrossFit training, we are going to do sprinting or running constantly for 20 minutes. You can use your own backyard or your neighbourhood to do this and in your own time.Sstart with a very low speed. Then you can gradually change to a faster and faster space until you finish it within 20 minutes. If you are just a beginner, you can do it first in 10 minutes then add time on the next day or next training. This will not just tone up your lower body muscles but can teach you to improve speed, stamina and agility.

Same as running, you must do this also constantly in 10 minutes, then build it upto 20 minutes per session. This will help your butt muscles become toned and firm. It will also reduce the amount of cellulite in your bottom area. This will also help strengthen your muscle thighs. Do this as many rounds as possible within 20 minutes.

 Powerlifting and weightlifting
Powerlifting and weightlifting builds muscles all around your body. Muscles will become larger especially on the arm part and the thigh part. Muscles will also build around the tummy and form your abs.

Jump rope
Jump rope is very important in crossfit workouts and can be easily done at home or at work in your lunch hour. This will train you how to jump faster and higher.  This training is so much easier than powerlifting or squats.